Dispensers are either one hose of two.  It is best to install a two hose model to allow for two vehicles to fuel at the same time.  Because a one hose model is cheaper, it should only be installed when cost is a major factor in the cost of the CNG fueling station.  The industry used to have separate credit card readers installed at fueling locations as a separate piece of equipment.  However all dispenser equipment manufacturers now include a credit card reader as part of their dispenser.

Common features of dispensers are:
·  High flow nozzles for transit buses
·  Flow metering for weights and measures
·  Temperature compensation

Dispensers need to include breakaway hoses.  It does happen whereby people forget to remove the nozzle from the vehicle before driving off.  Break away hoses are designed to save the pump by releasing the hose at a stated amount of pressure on the hose.  This is commonly around 150 pounds.  Managers of municipal fueling stations report that police officers drive away more frequently than others when they get a call while refueling.

Jazz Gas offers various high quality dispensing options for single or dual hose applications. The dispenser’s software provides independent sequence functions for each hose. Each dispenser offers accurate mass flow metering, electronic sequencing valves, large LCD display of volume and costing, and an easy-to-use operator interface keypad.